Pernell is a Western Reining Clinician and also operates Fleck's Horse Training which has been in operation for over 60 years.

For instruction with Pernell you must have your own horse. Pernell teaches all western disciplines, specializing in Reining. All levels welcome - offering instruction in natural horsemanship & "Horsemanship 101" for all disciplines, through to the reining show pen and the winner's circle!

Over 30 years as a professional horse trainer, Pernell has trained and coached regional, state, national and world champions. He has trained in Canada, USA and Europe. Pernell is a founding member of Reining Alberta; he specializes in reining but trains all disciplines of western riding. His method of training is individually structured for you and your horse's level.

Available for clinics, private, semi-private & reining coaching at your preferred location. 
Learn how to rein and how to apply the aspects of reining in every other western discipline.